What is this place?

As a digital designer I have always been fascinated with physical goods. That's probably because so much of what we make is ephemeral pixels on screens. All of it so easily lost to time. Don't get me wrong, I have loved building a career around putting pixels on screens— wether that's icons, logos, interfaces or video games. But whenever I have had the opportunity to make something that lives in the real world, It has always felt extra special. There's just something incredibly rewarding about making something that other people can hold and enjoy. This shop is my attempt at doing more of that stuff. Make things that make me happy and sell them to hopefully make other people happy too. That's it.

How does this work?

This is a very small operation. The plan is to make stuff in limited quantities and sell them till we run out. We'll ship out orders from a little warehouse located in Denmark.

What do you sell?

Things that make me happy. For now, that's two books, design tools and stickers but it could be any number of other things. 

Do you have a bio written in the third person?

Indeed! Michael Flarup is a designer from Denmark. He lives on the island of Zealand in the medieval city of Køge with his wife and two children. He started making things on his computer in his teens in the late 90s and hasn't stopped since. Michael’s career of pursuing fun in what he does has led him to run companies and initiatives that have produced products, apps, services, events and games that have been experienced by millions of people. 

‘Just making things that make me happy’ is usually how Michael explains his multidisciplinary career. His signature visual style is best described as vibrant and playful. Today you’ll find him running his game studio Northplay, freelancing as a graphic designer or speaking at conferences around the world while getting involved in as many side projects he can manage while being a dad.