A Beautiful Artbook

This book features hundreds of works of art from individuals and teams around the world. It serves as an inspiration and as a historical collection covering more than a decade of design on the iOS platform. The icons in this book have been carefully curated to showcase conceptual and executional excellence in icon design and covers a broad range of applications, topics, and styles.

A Primer on App Icon Design

Explore the core aspects of successful app icon design and go behind the scenes with prominent iconists, who exclusively share their stories and insights about the craft behind the pixels.

A Labor of Love

Spanning four years, thousands of emails, hundreds of agreements, and countless contributors, this book has been put together by Michael Flarup, a Danish designer, entrepreneur, and speaker with a deep passion for app icons. Michael has designed numerous app icons himself and regularly shares the lessons he’s learned through his writing, video tutorials, and conference talks and workshops around the world.